MOPS Events

We’re over a month into our new MOPS season, with our fourth bi-weekly meeting taking place this Wednesday, and have enjoyed talks and discussions on topics including the five love languages and how to be playful with our kids. And we’ve had opportunities to be playful ourselves, with more opportunities on the way!

Once a month, Darien MOPS organizes a social event for our moms – in September, “sister tables” met for a game night (and a bit of stiff competition), and this month a group of moms gathered at a local paint-your-own pottery shop for a creative and social evening. Next month’s event will be movie night (at a private home, not a theater – so we can enjoy yummy appetizers and relax on soft couches!), and in December we’ll have our annual “Yankee Swap” Christmas party. Watch the blog for dates and details, and we hope you can join us, Darien MOPS moms!

If you’re not a part of MOPS but are interested, it’s never too late to join – look under “Register / Contact Us” for details. (The registration cost is prorated based on your start date.)

Creative Pottery Moms

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