Happy Crafts

A quick nod to our “activities coordinator,” AKA the craft lady. This year at Darien MOPS, we’ve pressed leaves onto cloth shopping bags, we’ve decoupaged wooded boxes and nativity scene blocks, we’ve stamped aprons, painted and decorated mini chalk boards, made beaded bracelets, planted bulbs in lace-trimmed pots . . . and this week, we decorated little wooden families to keep as child-entertainment in a little cloth pouch in our purse. So many fun, practical, keepable projects! MOPS crafts are intended to inspire the creativity in all of us, and to give us a sense of accomplishment – there’s something about completing a fun project in a short amount of time that feels wonderfully fulfilling, when some days it’s hard to get dinner on the table.

Kudos, and many many thanks, craft lady!

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