Finding Time for “Us”

At our February 24th MOPS meeting, guest speaker Dr. Mike Gillern encouraged us to consider ways to keep the “us” – the relationship between husband and wife – alive as children enter the picture and greatly alter our priorities, our time commitments, and even our conversations.

We’d love to continue the dialog by encouraging MOPS moms to post comments in response to any of the following questions – simply click on “Leave a Comment” above to add your thoughts.

– How do you find time with your husband during your day-to-day life, or during the year?

– Dr. Gillern encouraged us to have alone time with our husbands when we intentionally do not talk about “the kids.” Have you found ways to make this happen on a regular basis?

– How do you and your husband show value for each other? Dr. Gillern used the analogy of treating someone like a Dixie cup or a Waterford goblet – if you feel more like a Dixie cup at times, how can you communicate that to your spouse?

One response to “Finding Time for “Us””

  1. I can definitely relate to the challenges of finding time with my husband, Paul. I think it’s funny how you live in the same house and yet it often takes a “date night” to reconnect. We try to get a babysitter once or twice a month and head out for dinner. This past weekend we were at Tengda – what a treat. While we were there I was thinking “what would we talk about if we weren’t talking about the kids?” That’s a definite challenge but one I’d like to work on more.
    Lisa H.

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